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Gravitational waves in cosmic microwave background | SMCC Experts Available | March 17, 2014

Gravitational waves in cosmic microwave background | SMCC Experts Available | March 17, 2014Today, researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics announced that they had found evidence of gravitational waves... Read more

Fire at L’Isle-Verte | SMCC Experts Available | January 23, 2014

Fire at L’Isle-Verte | SMCC Experts Available | January 23, 2014A fire in a seniors residence killed at least five people last night in the town of L’Isle-Verte, 230 km... Read more

SMCC Holiday Closure & Top Five of 2013

SMCC Holiday Closure and Top Five Science Stories of 2013 | December 20, 2013The Science Media Centre of Canada will be closed for the holidays from Monday, December 23, 2013... Read more

SMCC AGM | November 25, 2013

The Science Media Centre of Canada invites you to our 4th Annual General Meeting Welcome and the Business of the AGM Dr. Kevin Keough, Chair of the SMCC Board of Directors SMCC Achievements 2012-2013 Penny... Read more

Montreal meteor - Expert Comments

Montréal meteor - Expert CommentsAt about 8 PM last night (November 26, 2013) residents of Montréal and surrounding areas reported hearing a loud bang, low rumbling, or in some cases... Read more

Typhoon Haiyan - Engineering Experts Available

 Typhoon Haiyan - An Engineering PerspectiveRescue crews are beginning to reach the areas of the Philippines, China and Vietnam worst affected by Typhoon Haiyan, and the number of confirmed dead... Read more

Heads Up | September 20, 2013

A new antibiotic, new materials and climate change impacts. Below are some science stories you may be interested in following this week. If you’d like some help locating a Canadian... Read more

Heads Up | August 20, 2013

Carbon monoxide, midwives and aftershock earthquakes. Read more

Heads Up | August 16, 2013

Surviving a heart failure, cooperation among children, and the glycemic index. Read more

Heads Up | August 13, 2013

Insect hearing, migration patterns and a vegetative patient. Read more

Heads Up | August 2, 2013

Monarchs, lampreys and Dino 101. Read more

Heads Up | July 30, 2013

 Worms, maggots and bone marrow transplants. Read more

Heads Up | July 26, 2013

Runaway greenhouse effect, oysters and meteorites. Read more

Heads Up | July 23, 2013

Bird’s bills, flight costs and Martian meteorites make a date.   Read more

Heads Up | July 19, 2013

Morning meal men, bumblebee promiscuity and the first comprehensive look at the Chelyabinsk meteor.  Read more

Taking the Questions out of Quantum | Webinar Alert | July 24, 2013

When Blackberry co-founder Mike Lazaridis announced a new $100 million fund for quantum computing technologies in March, discussion re-ignited as to just what a quantum computer will look like. But... Read more

Heads Up | July 16

New horned dinos, giant viruses and why humans fight. This and more in this SMCC Heads Up. Read more

Toronto Floods | Experts Comment | July 9 2013

A cluster of storms poured down over 90mm of rain on Toronto yesterday, causing widespread flooding, closing many roads and transit systems. Below are some comments from Canadian researchers on... Read more

UPDATED: Train Derailment in Quebec | July 7

UPDATED: Train derailment and explosionsA train derailment followed by explosions blasted Lac-Mégantic’s downtown in the Eastern Townships in Quebec early Saturday morning. Houses and shops were burned to the ground... Read more

Heads Up | July 2

 Treacherous white cells, intensive agriculture and IVF.  Read more

Heads Up | June 28

 Whale tag, military mental health and makin’ it rain.  Read more

Heads Up | June 25

 Ancient horses, super-Earths and the science of throwing.  Read more

State of the World's Birds | Webinar | June 20, 2013

From spoonbills to eagles, from sparrows to condors, birds are an environmental bellwether. Their health reflects the health of our environment. Around the world, birds are declining, and it’s only getting worse. How can we help?   The SMCC... Read more

E. coli Backgrounder | June 5

The SMCC has prepared a backgrounder on the science of E. coli. It was done in cooperation with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, for journalists covering the release of a... Read more

Dizzy stars, radiation en route to Mars, and how birds got their start | May 28

⚑ I brake for magnetarsNatureSpinning magnetars - neutron stars with powerful magnetic fields - can suddenly speed up their spins, but McGill researchers have just observed one that abruptly slowed... Read more

BPA and pregnant mice | May 27

BPA and pregnant miceA study published today in the journal PNAS finds that pregnant mice exposed to the chemical BPA in their diet have offspring that can show changes in... Read more

BPA, bringing back bryophytes, and babies before and after surgery | May 24

⚑ Mom’s surgery affects baby’s - genes?PNASIn a small study, Canadian researchers found genetic differences between 20 children born to obese mothers, and 20 children born to the same mothers... Read more

May 21 | White tigers, blood money, and Christmas tree genomes

CT scans and cancerBritish Medical JournalThe largest population-based study of radiation exposure found that CT scans in childhood increased the risk of cancer 24 per cent with one CT scan,... Read more

May 17 - High winds, high temperatures and high flight costs

⚑ Slow and steadyNature GeoscienceWhile the rate of climate warming has slowed over the last ten years, this doesn’t change how warm it will ultimately become if CO2 concentrations are... Read more

Coronavirus - May 15

To date, 38 cases of a novel though deadly SARS-like coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, including new cases in Saudi Arabia and France identified this week. Since the virus was... Read more

April 23 | Solid quantum entanglement, open oil sands data, and pikas and caterpillars go to dinner

⚑ More leaf-eating caterpillars equals more leaf-eating pikasBiology LettersPikas, small mammals approximately 20 cm long, prefer to eat plants that caterpillar have already eaten, a study shows. Researchers admit they don’t... Read more

April 16 | Squirrelly research, the first landlubbers, and babies raising their consciousness

⚑ : Publication including at least one Canadian co-author.⚑ Patients behaving badlyJAMAEven after coronary heart disease or stroke, many people don’t adopt healthier lifestyles, and fewer still in low-income countries.... Read more

April 9 | Dino embryos, drug prices, and plastic lakes

⚑ : Publication including at least one Canadian co-author. ⚑ Oldest dino embryo bone bedNatureCanadians have discovered the oldest assemblage of dinosaur embryos yet found. From the Jurassic period, the embryos... Read more

April 2 | A roadmap to a HIV vaccine, the origins of the mountains of the North American Cordillera

Papers⚑ : Publication including at least one Canadian co-author.⚑ HIV self-testing : a new way to control the epidemicPLOS MedicineMcGill University researchers reviewed 21 international studies about self-testing of HIV... Read more

March 26 | Robot ants, carbon-fixing fungi, and space weather

Papers⚑ : Publication including at least one Canadian co-author.⚑ New genetic loci for hormonal cancersNature Genetics, Nature CommunicationsA series of papers in Nature Genetic and Nature Communications introduces 74 new... Read more

March 19 | Walks on the beach, emotional literature, and honey bee deaths

⚑ Statins and kidney issuesBritish Medical JournalPeople on a high dose of statin drugs - given to lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease - might have a 34 per cent... Read more

March 5 | Bees and caffeine, deep brain stimulation, and Canada’s global rank for the burden of dise

Webcasts:New report on Physical Activity and Alzheimer’s DiseaseThe SMCC will host an embargoed webcast with the Ontario Brain Institute at 12:00 pm. ET on Thursday, March 7th, 2013 from the... Read more

Webcast | Walking away from Alzheimer’s | March 7

One in seven cases of Alzheimer’s Disease could be prevented by people over 65 being physically active, says an Ontario Brain Institute report, ‘The Role of Physical Activity in the... Read more

The High Arctic Camel | Webinar and Recording

Fragments of a fossil high in the Canadian Arctic turn out to be... a camel?What does it say about the origins of modern camels?And how did the researchers discover that... Read more

Meteorite in Russia | February 15

SMCC Heads Up - February 15, 2013Meteorite in RussiaA meteorite has fallen in central Russia, injuring hundreds. Below are some Canadian scientists who can speak about aspects of meteorites.Peter Brown’s... Read more